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Hey, sorry its been a while. I had an amazing break through I got my level to a 2.7 a couple weeks ago. Perfect!! Icouldn’t have been more happier. But this last week it went up to a 4.7 and I ate similar things. so I don’t really understand it. but it was at a 2.7! Totally made my week. For a baby it’s suppose to be between 2 an 4 ya know so I’m so close. Actually when I found out my 4.7 I kinda got discouraged and binged the next day on muffins chocolate and frozen pizza, no cheese or meat. I just scrape that stuff off and have the crust and tomato sauce but still that stuff is pretty high. Anyways so I’m still working to get there. Thanks so much tracie for the food list. It’s a good guideline. I actually do eat lots of hunts pudding cups and popsicles. I love mocha mix but none of the grpcery stores carry it anymore. bummer. I do have one question out there for anyone. If I don’t get enough calories for the day can my level go up? Maybe that’s why I ate similar things but my level went up? Maybe my calorie intake was too low. Hmm, dont know. Any thoughts or insight?

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