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Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I’ve posted to this site. I just don’t have the time anymore these days to post to every PKU website I’ve joined regularly. Anyhow, since I’ve last posted lets see, we are now trying to conceive our 2nd baby. For me that consists of having to go thru fertility treatments cuz of my endometriosis prevents my being able to get pregnant on my own. Hey they worked and gave me my 16 month old daughter, Roxana. My diet is going well. With the exception of my formula…. lophlex berry. For some reason I just can’t tolerate it anymore. I did find one that I like better. PKU Express unflavored from vitaflo. My dietician is ordering me some. But other than that everything is going well. I have pku clinic next tuesday and then on the 24th as long as I haven’t gotten my “aunt flo” by then I go in for my pregnancy test to see if this round of fertility treatments worked or not. This is our 2cd round of treatments so far for TTC #2. Hopefully it has worked. My levels with my daughter basically stayed between 2-4 mg/dl. Though I think I saw someone on one of these posts saying that your levels are suppose to stay between 2-4 for pregnancy…….. yes that is optimal but technically it is to stay between 2-6 mg/dl for pregnancy. Any lower or higher isn’t good. If any of you trying to get pregnant has any questions I can help you with feel free to ask me. I’ll check on this board every other day or so.

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