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Hi Laura, nMy name is Tracie,and i too am getting ready to start Kuvan. nBreaMarie is very knowledgable on different yummy recipes that ur daughter may be able to tollerate.IE: Cake recipes low in PHE. nDoes ur daughter have a mild case? nMine is very mild,and apparently Kuvan will allow us to tollerate more PHE intake. nWhich is great.That means maybe a little regular foods.As for myself i am allowed 60 grams of protien a day.Which to me is nalot.
Do u have access to sherbert?Its yummy,and kids love it!Also theres a desert called Mocha Mix its just like ice cream,and comes in different flavors. nHang in there.It will get easier as she grows older.I don’t eat meat of any kind,and to be perfectly honest i don’t miss it.
I find myself alot healthier than say my Husband ,and daughter.IE:FLU or COLDS.
I tend not to get the typical virous’.
I hope i have helped some what. nTake care, nTracie-PKU

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