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Thanks Brea. That would be great if you could give me your mom’s email address. nAnother question for you since we both go to the Milwaukee clinic. Have you ever had issues getting a level back from the state lab? I am having the worst time getting a Phe level from the state lab for my kids. I have not gotten a level for Easton since August. Everytime we send in a blood sample the state lab says there is something wrong with it. This last time they said there was insufficiant blood which is not possible. We used the PKU lancets given to us by Bridget and used the capillary tube to collect the blood and place it on the card. It was totally soaked through, the whole circle. Jason and I never had this problem with the lab in Minnesota. We are both so frustrated we’re ready to quite using the Milwaukee clinic and drive to Minneapolis. nCongrats on your new baby sister!

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