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I have just read the messages left and would like to say that because pku is a genetic disorder there is a one in four chance in every pregnancy that a baby will be a pku, there are 2 in four chances of being a carrier and another 1 in four chances of not being either (pku or carrier) as with all genetic disorders. Parents as carriers pass on one gene each to the baby, therefore if both defective genes are passed on this creates a baby with pku. If the baby is passed on one defective gene from one parent and a non- defective gene from the other, the baby is a carrier (this works two ways, with the defective gene and non-defective gene of both parents), the last way is that the baby recieves both non-defective genes from both parents, this means that they are not pku or a carrier of the condition.
I hope this is of help.

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