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Hi PKUSince62,
I am assuming are you first generation?
I will be 40 in July.I too am PKU and am a recovering Anorexic. nWhat was you PKU to do for you?
I live in an area where there is no possible team of Drs i can get together for my Anorexia. nPlus i need one on one councling.
If you have any advice please if you are comfortable share it with me.
I actually councle a group of young women and men on Anorexia daily. nThere a great support for me,but it is all done online.Personelly i need face to face.
Let me know what you think. nHey Thanks for sharing. nAlso who is your PKU DR.? nMine is Dr. Koch in Los Angeles.(Familar with him?)
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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