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Hi KT6048, nFirst of all congrats on ur new Baby. nAnd no PKU is not as bad as it sounds. nReally its just a special diet,and i know with my Husband,and daughter when they get the typical flu or cold i wont get it.
I personnally think its our diets that we are on.They are very healthy.Just keep ur self informed.There losts of new products out there,and that is kind of the fun part experimenting. nAll in takes is an involved family,and knowledge. nThere’s a youg lady on this site BreaMarie she is very knowledgable,and knows alot of different recipes,and different types of formulas or drinks.
I get to start Kuvan tomorrow,and i am sooooo excited to feel the outcome. nDon’t worry were all here to support one another,but sometimes we need to vent too.
Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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