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hello tracie, sorry its taken me so long to respond with all the other pku forums out there now i tend to forget about this one. anyways yes i am 22 and i live in Victoria BC Canada. Its on vancouver island. For my PKU treatment i have to travel to Vancouver every 6 months. I am on 325 mg/phe daily or 35 exchanges. I do pretty good cause i bake alot of low protein foods and freeze them for the week. I also love my veggies. I drink the Xphe Maximum orange tetra packs. There just like drinking juice boxes i love them. I am pretty well known in my community since i do a lot of charity work. I am working on 5 events for next year. I am organizing a walk-a-thon, a pku info day, a dance, and im working on producing a newsletter and a documentary. anyways it was nice to chat with u again.

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