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Hey there,
I have only been on Kuvan 4 days i and take 5 pills a day with Phenex 2.
I am finding out however that Kuvan gives me heartburn,and i have never had that before. nBut besides that i feel great.I don’t care for my formula ir is nasty,and i would like to try something new.
I don’t have a nutritionist yet.My family Prac is finding me one close to home.Thank God!
It is funny when i go to see my family prac. the entire office says (theres that girl with PKU).What is funny is i am older than there staff,but i look like a kid to them. nThey all ask me what kind of food i eat,and how much medicine i have to take to get enough protien.LOL nThen they were all amazed that when i first had an appt with them my PKU Dr. paid for my entire visit,and had my blood flown down to him in La Ca. to get my levels checked. nThat was amazing to the staff there,cause they said we’ve never had a Dr. pay for a patients entire visit.I told them he actually cares about his PKU patients,and there well being. nFunny Huh! nHey i have aquestion for you have you ever been told off of your PKU Dr. that your brain might be swollen?
I am being told that off of my Dr.,but i’m not to sure how to take it or how i should feel.
I do suffer with severe headaches,and my eyes hurt,and get blood shot,but i didn’t think anything of it.What do you think?
I will talk to you later.Keep in touch. nBy the way i am 6 hrs away from Canada border. nHow cool is that!
PS nDo you like hockey(Ice)? nMy family (Hubby,Me,and Daughter)Are freaks for nit,and we are going to try to go to a game in Canada.
Take care, nTracie-PKU

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