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high levels can effect grades right away, trust me! the longer your body has high levels of phe, the worse your schoolwork can become. it’s like constantly having a poison in your brain until you start eating healthier again. usually, mood is also effected by high levels. if you notice more irritability, depression, or anxiety, these can be due to your student’s diet. i dont know much about your situation or student, but please be aware it’s not necessarily the parent’s fault. during school years, student’s aren’t around their parents as much, so they don’t have a disciplinary figure to help them with their diet. it’s all self-discipline. so, sometimes if a kid is with a group of friends eating pizza, it’s a lot easier to eat “normal food” than bug an adult to find them something low protein. or maybe it’s easier just to eat a sandwich with normal bread at the cafeteria than bring your own special bread. it doesn’t take much to get a level in the teens. hope ur student gets better!

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