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Hi Everyone, nJust an FYI.I have 3 sisters,and i was the only one with PKU in our family.
I have a beautiful daughter who will be 11yrs old.She does not have PKU,but she is considered a carrier.
I’ll be honest i was so scared of having a child just because of my PKU so i decided to marry a dark skinned person.
I was so lucky to find my husband.He is Native American,and my daughter is absolutly beautiful. nMy husband and i will be celebrating our 15 yr anniversary in July 2009.
I decided to marry this way cause my Dr. kept telling me that it(PKU)was more common in light skinned persons.Or blonde/red heads.
I thought that was amazing,but i didn’t want to take that chance.For myself it was a great decision.
Thanks for listening, nTracie-PKU

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