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Hi Tracie, My name is Lisa. I finally found it! A website where I can actually ask the questions I have and not just have a site telling me what PKU is! I have a childhood friend who has lived with PKU her entire life. She is married and just had her first child who is three months old and does not have PKU. She is breast-feeding which she desperately wants to continue, but the baby cries all the time. Her mother thinks it’s colic. Although it could be colic, I am wondering if the baby is in need of more protein or vitamins that a mother with PKU can’t provide through breast milk. At this time she is also in the process of finding a new obstetrician, one that will listen and not just give her pat answers. My view on her breast-feeding is that she should continue to do it, but also give the baby formula that is able to give the baby the extra enzymes and proteins it needs once or twice a day. I am very supportive of her and would like to help her very much. Is there any advice you can give me? She is very sensitive about this issue. I know whatever advice I give will have to be given so gently and carefully worded. If you can I would appreciate your help so much. My heart cries out for her situation. Thank you for being here. Lisa [/COLOR]

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