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Hi Ruthie, nFirst of all let me say Welcome to this site,and congrats on your baby girl.Aren’t they fun.A little about me.
I am 39 yrs and i have PKU(Borderline).
I have a beautiful healthy 11 yr old girl,and a wonderful husband.So yes you can live a normal life.We are just on a special diets.
I am a strict Veggie,and i am allowed 60 grams of protein a day.(Just no meat,nutsetc.)
I was born in Warrington England,and we moved to the states cause my condition te UK Drs. had no clue what to do with me.LOL
Don’t worry about your daughter she’ll do fine,and i can tell you are very attentive to her,and that will make alot of difference. nAs for Kuvan i am on it and i am responding in a positive way. nBiomarin makes Kuvan,and i suggest you speak to your Dr. out there,and see if your little one is a canidate. nThey are located in San Fransico Ca.
I can get you all the contact info when you need it.
Once Again Welcome. nTalk to you soon, nTracie-PKU

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