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Hi Fiona,
I know what you are talking about sticking to the diet.
I don’t know if u plan to have children later down the road,but u can do this.
Its all a mind game.
I was off diet for well over 15 plus years.
Now i am fully on diet,and i am pretty strict with myself now.
What kind of PKU do u have? nHave u tried requesting Kuvan?
It does allow u to eat more protein just not meat poultry items. nYou do of course need to be responsive to it.
What i did was pick out my favorite veggies,and make up some crazy recipes. nPlus it helps me stay in shape ,and feel alot more in controlof my life.
Now granted 2 months ago i wouldn’t have said that cause the Kuvan was fully in my system.
My typical breakfast is: n1 egg scrambled n1/4 c Salsa(veggie) n1/4 c shredded cheese n1 small tortilla.
morning dose of Kuvan n8 oz of juice.
mixed salad n1/2 of avacado( high in fat/protein)
Italian dressig(free) n1/4 c croutons. n1/2 c cucomber.
You can do this it just takes a little bit to
train urself.
I feel 100% better. nMild headaches,mild aniexty,and overall happier with myself.
Only u can make this work. nUr the one who needs to want to make ur body healthier,and it feels really good after u get use to it.
Any questions please feel free to ask, nTracie-PKU

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