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Hi Jenny,
I was born with PKU,and now i am alot older.
Its okay don’t panick.
I was considered Borderline PKU. nVery mild case,but i still required a special diet.
Its not that bad to control.
All foods that u are not allowed to eat or will harm a PKU child/Adult will have a warning on that item.
As for myself i count all my protein on each food i purchase.
Ur child will be really healthy. nJust think of her being a vegitarian/Vegan. nDepending if when older allowed to have eggs.
I go online and find out the lowest protein content and make a list of edible foods.
I just keep a handbook,but after a while u wont need anything cause u are already going to know the contents.
Bascilly as an infant they can get use to alot of veggies and fruit,and believe it or not nif only given certain foods she wont even want to try meat or hight-pro foods.
I am 39 yrs,and i have never had milk,beans(of any kind),peas,etc.
Ur child will only know what u feed her.
I hope i was a little helpful?

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