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Hi Lucy,
I like your comments on how to educate our friends. nWE are special people,but all of us can look at it this way “WE all have a very healthy diet”. nLook at the world today,and all the non-healthy foods they all eat.
I’m not going to lie it was difficult going back on diet after being off for 20 years.OUCH!LOL
After being back on now for 5 months now i can totally tell feel a difference in my attitude,
memory,and personality.
It does take a while to adjust,but for me it was well worth it.
Now i don’t even like to touch any type of meat product,poultry,fish,and bacon is probably the worst.
I don’t even crave it anymore,which is a great feeling. nWhen going back on diet go day by day.
Its going to be repition(i’m sure i spelt that wrong).Doing it over and over again. nPlus just knowing what meat does to your body kind of groses me out.LOL
Talk to you soon, nTracie-PKU

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