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[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]Hi Kate,
I too was off diet for well over 20years.
I went back on to have children.

I started off slow.gradually cutting out protein(meats,Chicken &fish etc.)

Let your body get use to the diet before pregnancy.(formula and all)
If your biological clock is ticking the diet isn’t all that difficult.
The part you want to make sure you are good at is keeping your formula down with morning sickness and all.
I was on diet w/formula intake for about 3 to 4 months prior to concieving.
You wont puke if you get use to the flavors first.(of formula)
You get alot of calories from popsciles,a crap load of fruit.
This was my diet for my 9 months:
Breakfast:1c cereal w/juice instead of milk.
1 slice of toast w/jam
Formula mixed w/sprite,mangos,and ice.

Lunch,and Dinner were almost the same,cause i as so afraid of not having a healthy child.
6 Tbsp of rice
1c. Green beans
formula w/same as above
1 slice of bread w/butter
Dessert:Mocha mix non-dairy (way Yummy)
Popsciles(extra calories)
Sprite(free food)

I did alot of research online.
Good Luck.
You can do it,and it is well worth it.


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