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Hi Tracy, my name is Lucy and I am 50 years old with PKU. I think your documentary is a great idea. I was on my diet a few years ago, but due to no insurance and the financial cost was too much so went off diet. I also would like to see if we can get government help for people with PKU; especially the adults with PKU. I even at one point dried to get disability for PKU and it is not recognized as a disabiility; yet insurance pays for diabetic supplies. Sounds really unfair. Anyway I am thinking about going back on my diet, but I have no money and no job at this time. I live in the state of Texas. I was looking for a clinic and a doctor I could see but with no money I am not sure what to do. I want to go back on diet, because my memeory is not good. When I was on diet I was really mentally sharp. I am also wondering if PKU has to do with depression? I am thinking it does. My younger brother has PKU, but he has a really bad temper and my older sister is an RN and PKU free said it was the PKU that may be causing it. I tried to talk to him about it but he will not accept that it is PKU his male ego won’t handle it. Anyway great idea on the documentary. Would like to know how is comes out and maybe I could help not sure what you need. Thanks for reading my post.

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