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First of all congrats on your baby boy!
I cannot really offer much advice from a parent’s perspective, but I am always willing to help in anyway possible. Your son will be perfectly fine if he follows his diet and drinks his formula. For the most part dealing with PKU is just about diet restrictions, but trust me there are plenty of other foods that those who have PKU can eat.
Aside from of course fruits and veggies there are some wonderful companies that make low protein foods. They make things like pastas, breads, bake goods, and I know of two companies that make imitation hot dogs, hamburgers, and eggs. If you would like to check them out, some of the company’s websites are and They are all wonderful companies. Speak with your son’s specialist or dietitian because they should be able to tell you if some of these foods are covered, because some states cover the cost of formula and some foods.
Like I said before, if there is any other way I can help or any questions you have feel free to ask! I am always willing to help. nBreanna 17 CPKU

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