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Hi Bad_Code,
I can relate to you and, not quite feeling right in the head.
I know i was told off of my Dr. that the longer you are off diet you can do permanant damage.
I too am mild PKU,and i was off diet for along time.
I would say with myself now being back on diet.
I can’t concentrate on anything,i have daily headaches,and definilty Aniexty.
I thought these things would get better as long i was on diet .I was wrong,but i can’t afford to keep messing around with my body that way. nStay strong.I know being on diet is hard,and for some costly,but it will be well worth it.
I’vew been on for at least 6 months,and i have to say my husband really appreciates it.
I am just a strict Vegan,and actually enjoy my food now.
I’m here if you have any questions.
Friends, nTracie-PKU

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