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Like I said I am allowed 1000 mg of phe now rather then 300 mg of phe. I sometimes have a hard time getting this much phe in because I eat like a little bird LOL! I have found it very helpful to buy dry non-fat milk. This way if at the end of the day I still need to eat 200 mg of phe or something like that I add the proper amount of dry non-fat milk into my formula.
I drink Vitaflo 15 Coolers and chocolate Phenylade. How much each formula I drink varies from day to day. I just make sure I get in 30g of protein equivilance (usually one Cooler and 60g of Phenylade). I guess because you only drink the Coolers it might be a little hard for you to add dry milk/regular milk into your formula. I add the dry milk into the Phenylade and I barely taste it. Just a suggestion!
Talk with your dietitian, maybe she could help. When I was concerned about whether or not I would be able to consume enough phe after my tolerance went up my dietitian said there is an amino acid mix that she could give me to add to my formula. It basically adds phe to your diet, but I do not know much about it.

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