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My wife did the same thing. I am not sure I want to implement a weight watchers like point calculator, but if more people would give me feed back and show interest, I’d do that too. Also if my wife wants that then I guess I will. Below are some thoughts about the design. I hope to start this week. ——————————————————————————————————-
1. Want to have something so that units are set. I want to be able to auto calculate
ounces to grams so if some one enters 5 oz of grapes and the units in the data
base has units in grams then it will convert and calculate the calories, protein,
sugar, fiber and complex carbs

I also want a method to calcuate the phe based on the protein content and have
that over ridden by an manual entry in the nutrition database.

For the database it will probably be in XML or maybe a single user ODBC using
MS access or Open Office Base which can be downloaded from
for free.

Distribution of the tool will be via web. I’ll need to setup a webserver and get

Drag and drop from nutrition DB into the tracker GUI ?

Icons for Meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack)
Icons for Food (meat/bread/veggies/creal)
Icons for ingredients (spices/bread/veggies/creal)

So to make a food from a recipe you would drag and drop the icons into
the recipe window and the nutrition would be auto calcuated then you
could select that or drag and drop that recipe into your tracker which
would auto set the time. I need a manual over ride for the time incase
someone wants to build a meal plan for the day or they forgot to enter
something in when the ate.

2. When you enter something into the table it will automaticlly set the time. Across the
top I want to show an accumlated total for calories, protein, phe. As the time changes
the cell/row color will change showing morning/noon/evening. Also want a way to add
notes for the day.

3. Need a way to sync up mutiple instances of the app so that if you travel you can sync
the main one with the one you took on your trip or to work. This needs to include
the nutrition data from the database and also what was consumed. Needs to be a delta
so that only changes are sent.

At first the sync method will be network/Wi-Fi then blue tooth.

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