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Hey There, nPKU is not that scarey.It’s a special diet very simular of a vegitarian. nThere are different types of PKU.As for myself i am borderline PKU.My body breaks down some protein,but Drs. don’t how much or why. nKnowledge is power. nOnce you have been diagnosed PKU you have it for your whole life. nThere is no cure.(At least not yet).
Its okay.I know it sounds scarey when you first hear that your child has PKU.
The formula he/she is on will be there main source of food intake. nThen you get to go into veggies,and fruit.
Now depending on the type,and how well your child responds to the supplement he/she maybe allowed to eat bread or small amt of pasta or rice. nJust take 1 step at a time. nWe are all here for you,and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. nThats what iam here for.
Take care,

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