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I wouldn’t take this person’s word for it. Number one, the fact that there isn’t a legit email is a clue. Number two, anyone with PKU should KNOW to be suspicious of cure-alls and hyped products – check with your doctor or dietitian before trying anything you don’t know about. Number three, I had to look up this “Kangen Water” – from their site, you learn virtually nothing except that they want to sell it to you. From other Internet hits, it becomes clear that it is ionized water – no different than any other ionized water. There may be legitimate health benefits from ionized water, but Kangen is just a brand (and some sources claim a highly over-priced brand, at that). I’d be highly suspicious of any claims that WATER of ANY kind can really affect phe levels. My guess is that this message is essentially spam and should be treated as such.

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