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Hi Gokiburi! You should definitely try Kuvan since it could be so beneficial if you are a responder!! But your body also NEEDS its formula in order to be healthy!! Without formula, you’ll basically have a protein deficiency since you’re not getting all the amino acids you need. Formula also helps your body get rid of too much phe faster!! I take my formula in pill form cuz I hate that nasty-smelling liquid just as much as you!! :-) My pills are called “Phlexy-10 Tablets.” However, since they are pills I have to take 60 of them per day. It’s really not that bad though. I take 20 three times daily at morning, noon, and night. I can take 2 pills in my mouth at a time, so I consume 20 pills in only a minute or two. They are so convenient!! Hope this helps!!

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