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I’d have to agree with Brea!! Anything as severe as mental retardation will not occur. Since your baby is now out of the environment that was full of excessive phenylalanine levels (birth mother’s womb), I think the damage that could be done WAS done already (which doesn’t sound like much!). Now, your baby is healthy and relying on its OWN body to do all those fun metabolic processes, which occur normally if she’s just a carrier!! Another plus, many pregnant women with PKU can and SHOULD basically go off the diet in their 3rd trimester. By that time, the baby inside them is large enough that it can break down the phenylalanine the mother’s body can’t. Babies at this stage need more phenylalanine to develop which is why some mommies are allowed to eat quite a bit more protein late in a pregnancy. One of the “many” reasons I’m looking forward to having children…. :-) There’s still always the chance of learning disabilities developing, but these could be due to anything, not just the birth mother’s diet. I’m sure your baby is going to be awesome!! :-)

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