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Likeachamp – I am in the military and peak physical fitness (PT) is key for me. As the physical trainer mentioned (sorry, I forgot the name!) there is a balance between protein intake and physical workout. Too much protein (from your dietary shake or other “safe” protein) can damage your kidneys and lead to kidney problems later in life. However, not enough (as Amanda was mentioning) and you break down your own muscles for protein and your muscles begin to atropy.
It really sucks, it’s happened to me, you just feel really weak in all of your muscles (like when you first wake up in the morning and you can’t close your fist all of the way). Seek your doctor or nutritionalist for the appropriate increase of protein. BTW – It would greatly help them out if you showed them your plan for exercise. Of course, you need to also stick with the plan as well. I had the chance to do all of this in Iraq, I gained 15 pounds and was able to work out 2 times a day for an hour each. Best of luck and stick with the PT!

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