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Amanda Cosburn – From reading your posts about how your body would break itself down, I would highly recommend talking with your nutritionalist about an increase of “safe” protein – you know from your shake and such. Work with them and determine you workout routine, how many calories you would burn and how much extra protein your body would need. As I said to likeachamp, don’t get too much protein as this damages the kidneys. Try starting starting your workout slow and for about a half an hour, just to get into the groove. Once you get in to a routine, increase the time and distance. nWith knee problems, you probably would want to try the elliptical or other low impact cardio. The best would be to hop into a pool and just start swimming as long as you can. The big thing is that balance of calorie intake (for energy), protein intake (for muscle repair & energy) and your intensity of physical activity. nMasterfully balance all three and you’ll be highly successful and pleased with the results. Best of luck.

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