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Congrats on the adoption! There is a major difference in being a carrier vs. having PKU. Carrier is just saying that, if matched with another person that is a carrier, there is pretty much a guarantee that the child would have PKU. nThere are no severe symptoms (if any at all) that are associated with being a carrier (i.e.- mental retardation), that I know of. They lead a normal life. I tell you this with some experience because both my mother and my father were carriers, had a normal diet and life and had me, a Classical PKU kid (now 28).
I would still however, conduct Phe level checks when you do your regular visits (for shots and such – just request and do a blood draw for a phe level test, it’s cheap and the response will come back in about 7 to 10 days). Then the doctor then can confirm that your child is perfectly healthy and you can rest better knowing.

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