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My son, Connor was diagnosed with PKU 5 days after his birth on July 22, 2008. He joined 3 sisters Emma – 8, Abby – 6 and Grace – 23 months. None of his sisters have PKU. No one in either my husband or my family have PKU. This was quite shocking to us! After the initial- feeling sorry for myself and Connor I got over it and dove into the world of PKU. Our Metabolic doctor and Dietician are absoltulely wonderful. They have become members of the family even though they are over two hours away. I was able to breastfeed just like I did with the girls and just supplemented him with his Phenex 1. He is growing and is the picture of health at 23lbs. 10oz. at 8 1/2 months old and meeting all developmental milestones right on or ahead of schedule. Connor’s levels remain in the normal range even with sickness, teething, and the introduction of solid foods. I am looking for advice on how to start to prepare meals for the family that Connor can eat too as we approach his first birthday. (The girls don’t like vegetables very much.) Any ideas?

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