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My son, Connor is around the same age as your little guy. We also had alot of trouble with his levels in the first couple of months. I was breastfeeding and supplementing with the Phenex. It took a little while to get everything under control. Our doctors and dietician told us since there was no way to measure how much breast milk he was getting and how much phe he was getting from the breast milk it was difficult to know. we got everything under control and then his levels were low for quite a while. I am finding out that teething, sickness can all play a factor in his levels. They have been around 2.3-3.0 for the last 2 months. We are diligent about keeping records of what he takes in and I donot breastfeed anymore. I didnot stop breastfeeding b/c of the levels but rather b/c I went back to work.

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