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Hmmm… First of all, I am the one with PKU (classical). I have had Phenyl-free 2 HP sent to me for the past 5 years and have had no issues with Tricare on receiving the prescription. It is fully covered along with other types of formula under the Tricare system.
I would ask, has your prescription has run out? Meaning you might not have any refills left? I know that they don’t give you unlimited refills and this might be a factor.
I have run into the same experiences as far as the doctors not knowing about PKU in any detail at all. I have been fortunate enough to be able to relate my past years experience and guide them (yes, the doctors) in the right direction and offices to deal with. The only recommendations I can make is that you can either find the closest large military hospital (for example, Walter Reed, Bethesda or Tripler) and they’ll have a nutritionalist, dietician or an endocrinologist that will know more about PKU and be able to be your center point for making all medical decisions and taking actions (such as ensuring you have the right prescriptions coming in). You would have to contact your docotor to make a referral to the hospital for a specialty appointment. In some cases, they may refer you to a civilian doctor if a large military hospital is not close by (if they don’t refer you to a civilian doctor, they should). nHave you tried calling Tricare directly to see if they were the one’s that have stopped covering the prescription? I don’t think they have, but that is an option. nWhere are you currently stationed? Is your family enrolled in a program similar to the Army’s EFM Program (exceptional family member)? This program, once enrolled, ensures that a military family with children (or spouses) with specific medical needs will no be moved to a duty station that cannot support your needs. I would check with your leadership if you are not already enrolled. I hope this has helped, I will check into more on my end and post things as I find them. Please let me know how these options pan out.

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