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thank you for tose tips. i did try calling tri care and just got the run aroud say that they didn’t cover medical foods and after trying to tell them about it they still said no. so i had pcm put in a refferal and not the pku doctors and that worked but they gave me a compny that didn’t have the phenex so i went into the tri care office in the clinic and say i wouldn’t leave until they got it fix or if they couldn’t then i was heading straight to efmp. and yea we are enrolled in that but i seems that the don’t rally help. but i guess what was wrong was that we had to find someone in the tricare net work that could get phenex. i made them call until they found one. now i know what to do if this ever happens again. but i had to kind of get lound for them to do their job.we were at hill afb ut and i never had to do anything like this the doctors knew how to do it. we are now at davis monthan in az and we have been here for just over a year and i have had to fight to get there phenex every time. the pku doctors here haven’t really helped either i have had to do all the calling. is that how it is for you? and i thought you were’t allowed in the military if you had pku and how does it work when you are deployed?well thank you for your help.

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