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Yay finally more ppl in the military! My husband is in the Marine Corps and we are stationed at Camp Lejeune NC. We have a 11 month old with PKU and we have actually been going through the state for formula. The past couple of weeks we have been trying to go through Tricare to get the formula, of course they gave me the run around but I think we are making progress. We have a really great team at Chapel Hill that make life a lot easier. I do have one question though, my husband gets out in September 2010 but I am thinking of going home (Alabama, no formula or low protein food coverage except through Medicaid) since he will be on a deployment and then get out. Will Tricare cover the little ones formula and Metabolic clinic visits when we move there? And once my husband gets out will we have any coverage since he has to be a reservist for a couple of years?

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