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Well, regardless of your location, Tricare will cover your formula. The tricky part is getting the formula while you are in Alabama. I know that Tricare does authorize prescription pick up at local pharmacies, but you may have to pay a small deductable. I would check with Tricare prior to moving there to find out the best spot to request a refill of the prescription (formula) and how you should go about picking it up. Work with your Chapel Hill doc’s to have them assist you in getting this ready. nAs far as clinic visits, I also have had referrals to civilian doctors outside of the military. I would also inquire to Tricare as to how/who you can get for the clinic visits. This should be free and not cost you anything.
In regards to your husband being a reservist, as long as it’s not Inactive Reserves, he (and your family) will be covered under Tricare Reserve Select (the same benefits of Tricare Standard). The limitation is that you cannot upgrade to Tricare Prime. The policy runs about 185 a month for family with 75 bucks extra for dental. Relatively speaking, this is pretty cheap (when compared to other employer plans). nMy sister has helped me out with the reserve information, her husband is in the Guard and the benefits and plans for the two components (Reserve and Guard) are very similar, if not identical. From what she has told me, I am pretty sure your coverage under Tricare Reserve Select will cover the formula for your child with no cost to you. As always under Tricare (Prime included) low protein food is not covered.
I hope that this info helps. Tell your husband that I wish him Godspeed and that he needs to keep his head down and chin up! Best of luck to your family during the deployment.

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