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Hi there,
I can totally relate.I live in a small community,and no-one knows of PKU. nSo iam taking it upon myself to educate the local hospitals,as well as Family prac Drs.
Speak with ur Dr. Whom you see for the PKU. nTell him or her the problems your about to face. nHopefully they will send you pamplets that will help you in the long run.
Also about the cost.Once again talk to your PKU Dr.,and have him or her speak with your insurance Co. nThat is exactly what i had to do,and it worked Thank God!!!! nAlso see if you qualify Genticlly Handicaps Person Program.(GHPP) nThat is an awesome program that covers everything for the PKU person.
I hope i was some help? nFeel free to ask me any questions.Thats what i am here for!

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