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Hello, nMy name is Tracie,and i have PKU,and my mom had to do the same with my 3 sisters who don’t have PKU. nMajority of the time it goes on how severe the PKU is.As for myself i was considered borderline PKU. nFor example at holiday time; i would eat the potatoes Green beans,and some cranberry sauce. nMy mom would also make a nice big salad. nMy sisters never really asked about why i ate that way;they were just use to it.Its how i was raised just like them.
If anything i feel more healthier then my sisters,cause of my veggie diet.I just call myself a Vegan,and that alone is pretty self explantory. nAlso if the kids do start asking just always keep it open,and start young.
For your child it will be like second nature;as well as for the siblings.
Remember Knowledge Is Power. nYour whole family will do fine Just learning.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

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