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Hi Rach,
I am doing good.Getting over the flu.(Not Fun).
I have borderline,which means my body breaks down some protein,they (Drs.) just don’t know how much.
I also have the exact same gene mutation gotten off both my parents,which i guess is pretty rare.
I am allowed to eat 60 grams of protein aday just no meats,fish,chicken,and certain pastas.
Bascially all the good stuff.LOL
I am a vegan,and i do enjoy it actually.
It took me a wahile to get the hang of it again due to back in the day the Drs. didn’t realize the type of damage it would cause a patient if taken off diet at a young age. nSo thats exactly what happened to me. nMy parents took me off when i was 11 yrs old.
I went back on in 1998 to have my daughter,then went back off until October 2008. nBy then the panick attacks have been there,constant headaches,emotional breakdowns,and worst of all PKU siezures.
I don’t have any of those problems now since i put myself back on diet.
Sorry i talk alot. nSo tell me bit about yourself? nFavorite Dish?Where u live? nWhat kind of supplement are u on? nHow are you doing with your diet? nDo you work? nHow old are you? nBrothers or sisters?
Anyways talk to you later!

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