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Hi Batwoman, nCongrats on being a mommy-to-be.
I am not currently pregnant,but i do have an 11 yearold who is healthy as a horse! nTry not to worry.Your levels will spike here and there.I think the highest mine got was 10,and i was panicked,but really i had nothing to worry about.
I take it ur a first time mom? nEnjoy it as much as u can. nJust don’t ever forget ur suppliment intake that is the babys main nutrition supply.
If Dr. says u need more calories look into popsicles they are 200 calories for 1. nThat was probably the hardest was getting enough calories,and majority had to come from free foods. nThere are two pressure points on ur wrists if u can find them look for pregnancy wrist bands,and it will help ALOT with morning sickness. nGood Luck,and Congratulations again.
If u have any questions feel free to ask.
I remember everything i was ALL Natural.

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