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We have a 2 yr. old that is the only child with PKU in our family and it is getting a little harder now that she’s getting older and wants what her sister and cousin are eating (old enough to have an opinion but not old enough to be able to explain to her why she can’t have it). We sometimes try to give her stuff that is very similar to what they are eating (like the low pro pasta and mac and cheese). And it’s lucky for us that her sister is a big fan of fruits and veggies too. For Thanksgiving, most of the foods are vegetables anyway besides the turkey and dressing. And for Halloween, there are a lof of candies that are “free” foods or very low b/c they’re mostly sugar. So that hasn’t been an issue for us yet. The biggest problem for us is coming up with a variety for Ashley since the low prow foods are so expensive and we can’t always afford them. Any suggestions about that? –Kristi

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