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Torrinsmommie- I am sorry it took me so long to respond to this message. I hope by now you have figured out your sons level. I personally would keep him on the low protein diet until you are able to figure out what you should do. It is better to be safe than sorry, and although low levels are not good either I think low levels are a little bit safer than high phe levels. At least if he is on the diet, he will be getting the formula in case it turns out that he does need it.
SNater26- As far as babysitters go, my family was fortunate enough that on the rare occasions when my parents when out they left my siblings and I with my grandma. She was amazing! By the time my parents began leaving us home with my older sister when she was thirteen, I was already ten, and I knew how to deal with my diet on my own. I see no problem with leaving a PKU child with a babysit. How well it works out will all depend on how well you educate the babysitter, and how willing they are to learn. Personally in this situation I don’t think a teen babysitter would be the best choice, because as a teen myself I know teens don’t think sometimes LOL! If possible family members, or adult friends might be a better choice.
Just rememeber your babysitter is only going to know what you teach them.

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