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pkugurl wrote…


I would love to have an application for my pc.  I was half thinking of getting a palm pilot for xmas.  Could you make a version for that?


I think the palm Pre would be better suited unless that is what you mean. It has more features and better technology than the iPhone or the palm pilot. I don't think they even make the palm pilot anymore. I'd like to checkout that person's app which he says his company has released. I saw it on the iPhone and it seems a bit cumber some compared to what I am going to make. I'd like to learn more about what it can do, but I have a feeling he won't help me out there. He may just want me and everyone else to buy it. I am going to release my app for donations and I will continue developement for a mobile device. The cost to make a app for a iPhone is $99 per year for the privilage of being a developer and then I need a mac which would be about $2000 and that would not be as powerful as my PC which I made for $1300. An equivilant mac would run me $8000 and if it ever broke I would have to rely on Apple to fix it so that is more $. An unlocked Palm Pre would be about $600 and the api and dev tools are free. I am going to guess the dev tools for the iPhone on the mac will be around $700 or so. Maybe logan can confirm.

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