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I am working on a program that will do more and also work on any computer. Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux and AIX for any geeks out there like me that use AIX. :) I will accept donations from people once my site is up and running. Its not like PKU targets people based on their economic situation where as people who can afford an iPhone problably don't mind spending money on apps. If you read the terms and conditions of sales on apples app store you will see that All sales are final Since Logan dosen't have PKU his motivation is profit and hopes that we will improve his app for his bottom line. I don't know if he understands there are only 12,000 people in the use with PKU so creating an app for PKUers like us is not profitiable. Hence, my idea for accepting donations. And I will be creating my app based on what I do daily and I am sure I understand what we PKUers go through daily. I will make changes for me based on what I need and if I don't cover other peoples needs in the process I will be happy to accomadate any reasonble needs. Programming is not just my career its also a hobby so you can bet I will have one for the iPhone.

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