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well i actually have a question about food…now that my son is 1 and starting to eat a lot more it seems everytime i try and introduce something new i can never find any info on how much phe it has..i always end up calling the dieticians and then  i dont get an answer. what i wonder is if im just too strict and when something says 0 protein on the package i should not even call about …for example Dole cherry mixed fruit in light find this on the shelf of any grocery store they are little cups of fruit.. well the back says 0 protein yet i cant find this in the pku food list book nor online. so i call the docs to find out and they call dole which never calls back so i dont get an answer. My question is does everyone find out for each food exactly how much phe is in it or do you figure if something says 0 protein its fine to give ???hope i can hear some advice 

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