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I do not intend to get into any arguments, and would appreciate if you hold off on personal attacks until you have a better understanding to base judgement on.

The app was developed in order to fill a gap and find a solution for the PKU community. I was asked to develop it by a contact I have, who has the condition. The cost is a very small fee and I assure you I do not have plans to make it rich off this app. Development takes time and money, if I did not charge a small fee for the app it would not be possible for me to create it or to maintain it, in order to assist the PKU community. I am pretty sure it is well worth anyone's few $'s considering books that contain the essential info I am providing cost in the range of $50. 

If you wish to argue some point, I encourage you to please email me to gain information before you post false information and accusations in a public forum.

Thank you

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