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Hi everyone!! 

I have read (with great interest) everyone's stories about maternal PKU. Congrats to all of you trying to start families, have had healthy babies and to Batwoman on the confirmation of twins! that's fantastic! 

Just want to introduce myself! I am from Bermuda and live on the island with my husband (orginally from Austria). I was born with PKU and have followed the diet my whole life- including formula! I am on Phlexy – 10 and take an additional supplement of vitamins! 

My goal is to have a family and i am currently in the process of lowering my level which is at 4.4 mgl so i am almost there! thanks to Cambrooke Foods – it is not as difficult as i thought it would be – along with my love of fruit and Vegetables! 

I was never really restricted, and have been able to tolerate a pretty high phe in take my whole life, so getting used to new foods has been a challenge, but as many of you have mentioned already, it's something that you just do as a female with PKU -at this time of your life! 

Anyway, just saying hello and hope to hear of everyone's progress! I will update you as and when necessary! 

Take care,


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