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Hey- the database was gathered by a Collegiate organization that was compiling data from several sources for a similiar project. I am not sure of their exact sources, but they spent alot of time gathering this data. You can easily add new items to the database as you see fit.

It is very uncertain how much time I will have to update the application, unfortunately upkeep takes funds to do the work and right now the app is not generating the funds that would be required to perform regular updates to the item database— so at this time, I cannot promise that the database will be updated.

Yes, there are alot of gerber products included in the DB.

The logs can be easily viewed for any particular day and the info can be manually transferred into some format to show your doctor. At this point there is no feature which allows this data to be automatically exported.

Overall, the program is very small and information as it is logged is very small. I don't think any large amount of memory is needed on the ipod to maintain a log. It would take a very very long time to log a whole gigabyte of information. Archiving is not necessarily possible, but apple provides a mechanism to backup all the data on your ipod/ iphone (including this) and transfer it to a new device.

Note this runs on an ipod touch as well… an iphone is not required.

There is no online version, but you can find a link to it with screen shots here:

Hope this answers most of your questions.

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