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Girls i just realised there were more posts there… deciding to have a baby really is the first step because  once you have decided it is amazing how focused and determined you become  –  it makes the diet restrictions easier to bear.

            Speak to your dietition and they do a big blood test to check your vitamin and mineral level. general things like start taking folic acid tablets and keeping healthy. The big issue is to bring phe levels down to below 250. To achieve this really stick to your exchanges and eat lots of free pku foods such as pasta and bread. I have classical pku and am on low exchanges anyway so at times i was not allowed any protein in a day!! 

          It is a wierd day when your dietition says to you… ok now you can have s** with your husband to try for a baby!! and of course just because your levels are perfect…it then may take a bit of time to actually get pregnant! luckily it only took 2 or 3 months for us.I have a friend (not pku ) who has been trying for over a year.

          Another tip is to try not to focus too much on it…just get on with it and take everything as it comes because you could tie yourself up in knots about it all.

          At present i send in bloods twice a Week and the dietition rings me that day with a level…this determines if i go up or down in exchanges.

 Well ask me anything and i will be happy to try to help if i can. GOOD LUCK !!

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