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I am a parent of 2 young children both with classic PKU.  What we do at meal time is I make a veggie/fruit based meal; then on the side I will grill a chicken breast or fish/steak  for myself and my husband.  Here is an example of a typical family dinner-

All of us eat this:

steamed broccoli
salad with ranch (ranch dsg made with mayo, and non-dairy creamer)
small baked potato.  kids would split one with butter and chives, ranch
kids will drink their special juice with meal

me and my husband:

may have different dsg, and have a portion of grilled meat/fish in addition to above

Kids were taught very early that meat is not healthy for them, but IS healthy for us.  All of us need protein, right?  So I explained to them that mom and dad get their protein from food and they get their protein from their special juice.   Hope this helps.

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