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This app is no longer available. Virginia Schuett found out that the person who created this app used her phe book as a reference, and she put a stop to it. She sent an email to the list serv about how her book is copyrighted, and she was not asked permission from the person who made the app to use her information. Isn't it wonderful how copyright only cares about who owns what and whose being paid for what, rather than who can benefit from this product? That was sarcasm right there.

Personally I think it's a shame, because my mother really enjoyed this app. With three kids in my family who have PKU (and possibly another one on the way) this really helped my mom. Especially with the baby, because it is even more important to monitor what she eats.

Virginia Schuett claims that another PKU company is working on creating an app that is similar. The only question I have is WHEN will this app that the PKU company is working on be available, and HOW MUCH is it going to cost??? If the price is not compareable to the $4.99 that this one was available for, then it might not be worth buy.

Just my thoughts on this subject.

~Breanna 18 CPKU

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